Tonight, I was a fashion mistake.  The best part was I knew it.  Yeah, I wanted to see what being a hipster was like.  A trend-setter.  A ____ (fill in the blank).  Black sweater.  Black shorts.  Black socks.  Hipster camel leather shoes.  I was on a mission to the current drugstore for some OTC love and I looked AWESOME.  E didn’t say anything, she was gracious.  That’s why I love her.

It’s been three-hundred days since I’ve last keyed anything here.  The time-lapse has given me some time to let things settle and see things from a new vantage.  No, that’s not it.  I was just lazy.  Yep,  a lazy ___ hipster. Oh and trend-setter.

Life’s short.  If the Mayan’s are right, it could be really short.  Turn off the TV, hug your kids, love your wife and enjoy it while you can.

“…Young hearts beat fast…there’s no turning back now.” – Commuter








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swollen when wet

Van Halen comes to mind tonight as I ponder the advice I wasn’t told regarding my wood out building I had built. Until painted, the wood will swell when wet. Conveniently, one day after my prized possession is built, it rains and rains. So much so, the doors on this building will not open. The advice, let the wood dry out. Great. I guess this is one of those things no-one can really prep you for. Except maybe the guy who built it. Thanks.

It’s super bowl Sunday and Z’s team lost. I was afraid of this. He doesn’t take disappointment well. At least not from Tom Brady. I think Tom owes us an apology letter. After all, who gets a safety on a non-tackle play to begin with? As for my diet, it was going good until today. I guess it’s back to healthy eating tomorrow. Marley’s deep dish sure was good though.

I’m tired, it’s late and I’m avoiding what is probably the smartest play of the day; going to bed. Why do I avoid it? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s to eek out as much of the weekend as possible. Maybe this is the only quiet time of the day.

Hopefully the swelling on my building will go down tomorrow. I’m eager to fill it with junk. After all, that’s what they’re for aren’t they?

Oh and one last thought. As nice of a commercial as it was, I had no idea Clint Eastwood was still alive.


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rink rats grow mold too

It’s another Friday night and all is well. We spent the evening putting the final touches on Z’s science fair project. He has successfully grown mold on my prized bread from whole foods. Poster board done, I think we are good. Too bad the bread isn’t in as good of shape.

Afterwards, we spent the evening at the local ice rink. I think he’s finally getting the hang of it. Before long, he’ll be passing me by. But not that soon. As for Friday’s go, I’m tired. The house is finally quiet aside from the fat cat cotton searching for food. I think our neighbors are having a party. One of those things from a music video.

Nothing witty or notable. An average evening with little to complain about. I guess that’s a good thing.


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two of us

I’ve never been much of a Beatles fan, but I decided to pop in the “Let It Be” album that my wife had on the shelf and I discovered something. It’s not that bad… In fact, I think I might like some of it. There’s a song called ‘the two of us’ and I can’t help but listen to it. It’s the song Steve Jobs referred to when describing the friendship/journey between Bill Gates and himself. I guess you could say I’ve teared up a bit. Maybe The Beatles aren’t that bad after all.

On other news, Jan 31st was my last day on Facebook for a while. I deactivated my account. I guess I got tired of it. Especially on the eve of their five billion dollar IPO. I guess you could say they’ve outgrown me.

Well, with that…

“you and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead.” – Steve Jobs.

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Who needs geek squad?

Finally decided to setup that color ink printer I got for Christmas. It’s wireless, does all sorts of fancy things and came with it’s own setup CD. However, I just knew my Apple could handle it. And it did. Once the printer was on the network, I went to add a printer to the mac, and it already knew what I wanted to do. It suggested the actual printer and the computer asked if I wanted to install it. I did. No CDs. It downloaded it automatically from Apples great software archive. Within 2 minutes, I was printing from my word processing program (Pages) to the new printer. No headaches. No setup CDs. No tray icons telling me my ink levels. Just glorious printing. I’m happy. Thank you Apple.

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shake your money maker

It’s the new year and the ground is still shaking. If you’re lost, let me recap. A couple months back, us cowboys felt the highest magnitude earthquake in history. Since then, we’ve been getting small aftershocks. I think the Mayan’s were right. It’s all over now.

As for the past couple months, we’ll it’s in the past. Captain America (Mr. Z) has gone through a lot at school. Good grades, bad grades, principal’s office, and in-school suspension. It’s been quite a ride. We also got the fortune of spending Christmas in South Florida with my family. It was great and I think captain had a great time. I think we bonded some. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I had pneumonia the whole time. :)

Anyways, other than an annoying cough, I welcome the new year with my ‘new’ family and I hope this year is truly better than the last.

Twenty-three pounds lighter and signing out, have a good one.

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elvis has left the building

I wish I could say I’ve been a fan of Apple from the beginning. I wish I had owned a Lisa or an Apple II. But, I’m not old enough for that. My day came in the winter of 2001. Sitting in my first apartment, booting up my seemingly ancient PC I began to notice that it wasn’t booting. Odd. I would later find out that I had lost my PC to a virus or a string of them. Years of email. Lost. It was truly heartbreaking. I remember to this day flipping the switch off, putting a coat on and going for a walk across campus. On my journey, I found my way to the student union. There, they sold what was then a series of G3 macs running the new OS X operating system. I was sold. Went to the computer lab, ordered it and waited. I really had no idea what I had just done. I had never used a mac.

Delivery day. By this time, I’ve recovered my PC. I told myself to be fair to the mac. Give it time. After all, I had just spent a lot of money for it. I was determined to like it. It wasn’t that easy though. For a few days, I really didn’t like what I was using. It was odd. However, by day four and five the decision was made. I was Apple’s newest fan. I’ve never looked back on the PC. Sure, I’ve stayed current, but I’ve not bought a Windows PC since.

Since that first day, I’ve witnessed the rise of Apple. The phoenix effect. I’ve salivated and waited on several occasions for the grand opening of an Apple store. I’ve stood in line for the first iPhone release. Apple in some weird sense, is a part of me. I’ve realized there’s more to Apple than software, iPhones, computers, stores and music. There’s a driving force. The generation’s greatest visionary and salesman. Steve Jobs. The man behind the curtain. The elvis of my technical generation. His company didn’t sell the most PCs. He wasn’t the richest man alive. What he did do over and over again was create fascinating products that pushed the industry forward and defined what ‘mobile’ means to an entire generation.

And with his passing, I wait. I Wait to see what Apple does next. If history is any predictor of the future, I’m sure Apple will make some mistakes. Score some big wins. Continue to innovate and push the envelope. Apple will continue to mix technology and the human experience. They will continue to connect the dots.

Thanks Steve. -Your biggest fan.

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